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Red Can Origami

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Ava has just landed a job as a reporter in Gubinge, a tiny tropical town in Australia’s north.

It’s not long before she’s hooked on the thrill of going hand-to-hand with barramundi, awed by country, and stunned by the pindan sunsets. But Gubinge has a way of getting under the skin and soon Ava is deep into a big story – a bitter collision between a native title group and a Japanese-owned uranium mining company is ripping the community in half. Will Gerro Blue destroy Burrika country? Or will a uranium mine lift its people from poverty? And can Ava hold on to her principles if she gives in to her desire for Noah, the local native title boss?

Red Can Origami sweeps from the rodeos and fi shing holes of northern Australia, to the dazzling streets of night-time Tokyo in pursuit of a career, love and the truth.

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Title:Red Can Origami
Author:Madelaine Dickie
Edition language:eng
Number of Pages:224 pages