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Dreaming of You (Little Sky Romance, #5)

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When your virtual reality trespasses on your actual reality, things can get complicated very fast…

Clarissa Mitchell owns a wedding boutique and spends her days with blushing brides, but that doesn’t mean she wants to be one. With her dating history? No way. Love just isn’t in the cards for her. And she’s fine with that. Her social life, which includes a harmless cyber crush, is plenty fulfilling. Until her online life clashes with her real one, that is, and she comes face-to-face with the man of her fantasies. A man who wastes no time worming his way into her heart, one steamy kiss and sweet gesture at a time.

Mark Talbot isn’t looking for love, either. Watching his father die young from a condition that might be hereditary cured him of any romantic notions he might’ve had. But when his mother’s impending wedding brings the beautiful and inscrutable Clarissa into his life, he begins to wonder if maybe love isn’t as out of reach as he’d always assumed it was.

With the help of their friends and family, and a romantic trip to an idyllic lakeside town, can Clarissa and Mark overcome their painful pasts to take a shot at happily ever after? Or is the risk of another potential heart break simply too terrifying to consider?

Author’s Note: Virtual crush. Flirty hero. Cynical heroine. Quirky small town. Meddling friends and relatives. Stolen kisses and hidden moments. Moonlight strolls. Beachside frolicking. True love. Each book in the Little Sky Romance series can easily be read as a standalone, and the books are linked so you can find out what’s happening with your favorite characters.

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Title:Dreaming of You (Little Sky Romance, #5)
Author:Alexa Rivers
Edition language:eng
Number of Pages:240 pages