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Alien Alliance (Alien Invasion, #4)

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Lizabet always knew she wanted an alien warrior of her own, but can she handle two of them?

Tired of waiting for T'kol to decide she's ready, Lizabet is determined to move on with her life and leave the massive horned warrior behind. However, an unexpected blizzard and a wrecked alien flyer alter more than her destination. The flyer contains a strangely alluring reptilian alien who needs her help - yet he soon stirs feelings other than compassion in her heart.

Hisst has been waiting patiently for an Icluthian queen to choose him as one of her males. Then his exploratory mission crashes on Earth and his rescuer - a lush female - has him yearning for a human queen. But the Yehrin warrior who comes after her will never permit him to share in her attentions.

T'kol has been waiting - not so patiently - for Lizabet to settle down. However, when her restless spirit leads her into danger, he is through holding back. When his desperate search finds her with an Icluthian warrior, he is no longer certain that she will choose him - and he could never share his female.

Now all three are trapped and dependent on each other for survival. Can three different species form a bond that lasts beyond a dangerous situation, unite three worlds, and discover where they truly belong?

Each book in the Alien Invasion series can be read as a standalone romance. This sweet and extra steamy HEA features two alien warriors and one very determined female who knows what she wants. It is intended for adult readers.

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Title:Alien Alliance (Alien Invasion, #4)
Author:Honey Phillips
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