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Lance Blackrock

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A sexy plus size, pregnancy romance! This is the ninth book of the Tycoons From Money series...

Trinity Smoke is a plus-sized, body-positive social media influencer, trying to spread the message to her followers of how to love themselves!

She decides to spread her message further by modelling for the famous studio run by billionaire stud Lance Blackrock.

Lance can’t help but be entranced by his newest model, who is so gorgeous in a way he’s never paid much attention to before.

Trinity is smitten by Lance’s sweet, sensitive side and his hardworking attitude…

Soon their feelings for each other turn into something they both can’t deny!

But as they get closer, they will need to band together to fight off criticism against their high-profile romance…

But do they actually love each other?

Or are they only using each other for their own gain?

Find out in this emotional, yet sexy romance!

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Title:Lance Blackrock
Author:Monica J. Charles
Edition language:eng
Number of Pages:233 pages