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Mafalda 7 (Mafalda, #7)

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Mafalda is a comic strip written and drawn by the Argentine cartoonist Joaquín Salvador Lavado (pen name Quino). The strip features a girl named Mafalda (5 years old at the time of the comic's creation) who is deeply concerned about humanity and world peace and rebels against the world as it is. The brilliance of Mafalda lies foremost in the quirkiness of this little girl. She hates (that is an understatement) soup, cares deeply about humanity, loves the Beatles and has a bunch of equally quirky friends. More than twenty years later, Mafalda is still immensely popular throughout Latin America and it has be translated into over 30 languages.

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Title:Mafalda 7 (Mafalda, #7)
Edition language:spa
Number of Pages:86 pages